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Can you tell?

can you tell?

 Situation 1:

Imagine 4 people were put like the picture above. A wearing yellow hat and is sitting behind the wall and cannot see the other 3 people. B were sitting in front of the wall wearing red hat. C is wearing a yellow hat and D is wearing a red hat. All of them did not know what color is the hat that they are wearing. They were wearing their hats while they are blindfolded. They were regulated not to tell their friends the colors of their friends hat or asking them for theirs. They cannot turn their back. They can only look straight from the position of their sittings. What they only know is 4 of them are wearing 2 red hats and 2 yellow hatsEach of them were asked to determine what color are their own hat and gave a theory to strengthen their answers. A did not know what color is his hat. He also did not know each of the other 3 persons hat. B is in the same situation of A because he only can stare the wall. Whereas C can see what color of hat is B wearing. D can see both B & C hats. So, maybe he has a bigger chance on building a theory for his hat color or maybe not.

Situation 2:

A person will come to each one of them and ask them base on their situation, can they determine a theory of what colors of their hats are they wearing. Lets name him The Host. All four of them are able to hear each of the persons conversation between the host. The host will ask A. “Do you know what color of your hat?”. Of course A will answer no because he is sitting in front of the wall and cannot see the other 3 person. The host will ask B the same question. B will answer no also. The host then go to C & D asking the same question. But both of them asnwer no. After 5 minutes, the host ask four of them the same question again. But this time there is only one person have the answer. Can you tell which person is that and why? Common guys, put your answer in the comments below. Lets see who can answer this riddle. 😀


March 29, 2008 at 4:09 am 12 comments

Health comes first, wealth comes second

Everybody wants to be wealthy, having money to pay all the debts, mortgages and car. Going for the holiday to the place that you dream off. Go travel to the places that you never been before. Explore the world. Live a luxurious house and having maids to manage it. Is it worth it if working your ass off for years and have to spend and enjoy it for only a month or two. Many Malaysians nowadays if we realise or not mostly are fighting for their lives with the 8 serial killers. 8 degenerative deseases. Ranging from hypertension, breast cancer to heart attack. Last night I was introduced to a brand that not also improve our health but also to achieve wealth.

USANA. What is USANA? USANA is a direct selling company. Independent Associates distribute and sell scientifically based nutritional supplements and personal-care products. Last night I was introduce to USANA. The well known or they say the top network marketing brand in the market. USANA sells health products that are really good based on the testimonials given and based on the research and few awards that I haven’t heard off. Maybe because I was not aware of such awards.

It started with Muda. My old friend from SEMSAS(Sek. Men. Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah, Kuantan). He introduced me with this USANA brand and range of product. He even gave me his own testimonials and experience based on his sick wife and mother in law. After a long chat on YM(yahoo messenger), Muda wanted to see me at PJ. At Menara Axis. Where the USANA office is operating. So at around 8:30 I arrived there. Taro, another friend of mine and also a friend of Muda were waiting for me at the roadside. Then we were invited to go to one of the halls there to hear a talk about USANA.

I would not explain what are the details in the talk. But from what I have heard from the talk it had opened my eyes of how many Malaysians are in the midst of suffering with deseases. There are 8 main deseases that kill most of the Malaysians. A doctor presents few statistics that is very alarming. Every 1 of 5 womans have breast cancer, every 1200 children suffer from cancer every year and a lot more statistics that could make u fear for the life in this 21st century. To many deseases. It was expected that in ten years, 72% of Malaysians will suffer with cancer and cronic deseases.

I don’t want to be in the statistics and of course the same goes to my family and to the one who I love. This is where USANA plays a part on fighting with this kind of health problems. USANA have ranges of supplements that can feed our body cells so that our cells can withstand all the death threatening deseases.

I was attract and amaze by a testimonial of a woman in her 50s. She was one of the people who attended the talk. She was call upon to the stage to share her experience in using USANA health products. Before she was having athritis. She have to consume 200 miligrams of morphine just to move and walk. She said the pain was unbearable. She even used sticks to help her walk. But that was 8 months before she was introduced to USANA products. Now she were as fit as a fiddle. She can even walk without any sticks or help. If you could see her you would not believe that she was using sticks to move and having 100 miligrams of morphine at day and another 100 at night just to kill the pain because of walking and moving. She looks really healthy. She describe humorously that she now can even run up and down the stairs with no problem whereas before it is hard for her even walking out of the lifts.

If the products is really good and there is oppurtuinity in getting side income(big side income), why not should I try… I have to try this. Insyaallah.

March 26, 2008 at 1:45 am 4 comments

How to export your PHP report?

Just imagine you have finish creating your web report in PHP. Then your bos or your clients wants the report available in word or excel format. What are you going to do? Do you have to buy some tools in the internet or dload free unstable classes that promise you a lot of things but deliver nothing? Don’t worry. Just Click here.

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12th M’sia General Election

Want to keep update with the new results for the 12th Malaysia General Election? Click here (broken link)

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