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Marie Digby (Dah la suara sedap, cun plak tu)

I stumbled this video on youtube. In fact i heard it before playing at


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At lunch hour…

No offence to u women okey, just want us to think about it…..Come to think of it, there are men just like women at the lunch our. Taking the same steps. Hahaha…..
1. At lunch, walk to the diner’s place
2. Get in the diner
3. Pick up a plate
4. Get rice
5. Get any dish they like
6. Walk to the counter, pay for the food and the drinks
7. Eat
8. Done eating
9. Get back to the office or
10. to the surau

1. At lunch, walk to the diner’s place
2. Look at people while walking
3. Talks about people at the back
4. Tidy up their tudung while walking, look at their own dress and even feet.
5. Look at other’s dress especially the pretty ones.
6. At the diner, just looking and looking
7. If too many people find another eating place.
8. Walk even more
9. If satisfied…. get in…
10. Survey the dish first for 2, 3 minutes.
11. Search for the right plate(any plate can do actually), pick the plate
12. Examine the plate, wether clean or not. if it’s not clean…eeeeiiii..
13. Satisfied, take the rice
14. Scoop the rice little by little
15. It’s not right if not scoop it for 2/3 times
16. Throw a few back in…..too much..
17. Not satisfied, Throw back in some more (tinggal sejemput)
18. Playing with the rice a bit for 2 minutes
19. Find lauk. Survey around the table. Looking there, looking here.
20. Look at the dish, scoop some gravy
21. Look at the dish again, scoop some more gravy.
22. Looking for some more while glance at people around.
23. Take some dish
24. Round the table again
25. Now looking for some veges.
26. Take a few veges after surveying the table around for 2 minutes.
27. To the counter
28. Looking at the food in the plate.
29. Whisper to their friend ” alamak…too many la”
30. At the counter “how much?”
31. Open the wallet…look at between atm cards…between name cards….. between photos2..
32. Take out the money
33. make an eye-sign to their friend (because her food is so pricey)
34. Pay.Stand still while put in the change in the wallet.
35. Close the wallet. Get the food.
36. Surveying a place to sit.
37. Find one…. alamak so dirty la…
38. Find another place to sit
39. Finally found one. Sit……
40. Alamak, haven’t order any drinks yet
41. Again looking and looking, looking for someone to order drinks while hands tidying up their tudung.
42. Order drinks
43. Get up
44. Get fork and spoon
45. Sit down
46. Get up
47. Get tissue
48. Sit down
49. Drinks arrived
50. Looking at the wallet (previous step)
51. Pay
52. Close
53. Drinks
54. Start to eat
55. Glance at people while eating
56. Finish untill half of the food… feel full already
57. Because having drinks first
58. Put down the fork and spoon.
59. Push the plate aside
60. Chatting and saying the food doesn’t taste so good.
61.…. glace at people
62. At 2 o’clock, get to the office….
63. Get makeups, to the surau!!!!! No wonder women are more complex than men emotionally…

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